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Camaco LLC

In terms of function and importance, a car’s seat is perhaps second to only the engine in priority. Although the vehicle can function without it, there’s little doubt that a well-made and comfortable seat is absolutely essential to a motorist’s experience.

The company, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., is the largest independent supplier of engineered seat frames to the North American automotive industry. The company recently relocated its offices from Novi, Mich., in order to double its office space.

Camaco’s products include stamped metal and wire frame seat structures, headrest and armrest structures, visor rod and towel bars, complementary metal reinforcement components, and instrument panel and console substrates.

“We are a fully vertically integrated supplier that manufactures the structure of the seat from the floor up,” Global Purchasing Manager Vishal Pradhan says. “We manufacture and design mechanisms ourselves or integrate mechanisms from other suppliers into our seats and ship them to Tier 1 suppliers of the OEMs choice.”

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