Camaco seating products cover the spectrum of passenger car and light truck applications whether design responsible or build-to-print:

  • Seat Structures & wire frames
  • Latches & hinges (seating & interior)
  • Mechanisms (recliners & adjusters)
  • Wire seat suspensions
  • Wire frame lumbar support
  • Visor rod & mechanisms
  • Towel bar assemblies
  • 4-way headrest mechanisms

Camaco Structures

Design responsible for OEM structure development, testing and manufacturing

Camaco has complete Design, Engineering, Simulation (FEA, Adams, VSA) and Validation capabilities to develop seat structures as a Full Service Supplier or with Shared Design Responsibility with the OEM.

Camaco produces all families of structures:

1st row Structures

  • Power & Manual
2nd row Structures

  • Fold flat
  • Fold & Tumble
  • Power & Manual
3rd row Structures

  • Power fold
  • Manual fold

Core Products

2 Position High Latch

Z-Flex Adjuster Family

Advantages of Camaco Z-Flex Adjuster Family

  • Side activated swing latch with 23 KN and 45 KN capacities makes structure mounting space available on upper rail
  • Lower rail profile absorbs energy during impact, increasing peel strength
  • Net-built latch plate for anti-chuck
  • Laser welded integrated j-hooks for medium and heavy-duty applications minimizes mass impact for multiple occupant seats
  • IMS RD and MD leadscrew for power applications

CAM Discontinuous Recliner Family

Advantages of Camaco CAM family of recliners

  • Increased load carrying capacity over the current market (3 kN vs 2.0 kN. And 6.0 kN vs 4 kN)
  • Pawl fit design for zero fore/aft looseness
  • Greater ratio of full travel angle vs. release angle to eliminate the need for cable compensators
  • Auto-positioning net-built cross-talk tube system