Maximizing Quality With High Level Production

Camaco-Amvian provides its customers a number of innovative solutions by utilizing state of the art processes and technology to stay at the forefront of high-quality manufacturing. The company’s lean manufacturing techniques comprise flexible manufacturing cells, automated assembly lines and robotic welding to deliver world-class products.


In an effort to gain complete vertical integration, manufacturing processes include tube rolling, stamping, welding, performing in-line testing, painting and packaging, then shipping direct to the customer on company owned trucks. These methods minimize process variation, maximize quality, and reduce waste.


IATF 16949 certified manufacturer


• Progressive stamping press ranging from 40T to 2,500T

• GMAW Welding, robotic MIG, TIG, laser welding, resistance, spot welding

• Roll Forming – In house tube mill (square & round)

• Precision tube cutting, forming and bending

• Product assembly and testing

• Vision systems and part presence sensors

• Paint Lines: Powder coat & E-Coat

• CNC rod and wire bending

• Cloud-based ERP system(Plexus)