Camaco continues to innovate in seating products and assemblies to meet the continuing demands of the consumer and the market and to keep pace with the emerging technologies.

  • Constant Center Comfort Seat
  • Hi Speed Power EZ Entry
  • SmartCoreTM Connected Seating
  • Smart Foam

Innovative Products

Constant Center Comfort Seat

Quick Adjusting seat minimizing occupant fore / aft movement while transitioning to a zero gravity lounge position

  • Full power actuation
  • Structure design leveraged from a validated front seat structure
  • Best-in-Class mass – extensive use of Ultra-High Strength Steel
  • Less than 10 second transition time to full zero gravity

Hi Speed Power EZ Entry Seat

Full power articulation including EZ Entry and comfort adjustment in a very low package

  • Best-in-Class access to 3rd row
  • Best-in-Class mass – extensive use of Ultra-High Strength Steel
  • Less than 6-second power EZ entry function
  • Manual override in the case of power loss

SmartCoreTM Connected Seat

Secure wireless communication with the instrument panel and mobile device

  • Secure wireless connection between the seat module and the vehicle
  • No communication circuits to the seat
  • Controlled from a screen in the instrument panel or from a wireless device
  • Keeps mobile device and IP synced with seat position
  • Seat can be controlled from either device
  • Controls up to 8 motors and heat and massage units
  • Provides consumer convenience to comfort adjust the seat with mobile device prior to getting into car

Smart Foam

Seat foam produced through additive manufacturing process providing design flexibility, reduced mass and reduced overall seat development timing

  • Lattice structure reduces weight while maintaining firmness
  • Potential 20% weight save
  • Customization to individual preference within a production program is possible through this process
  • Connecting components can be “printed” with the design for parts integration
  • Cost and time effective solution for trim development
  • Provides styling flexibility with complex geometry and variable density
  • Porous structure provides increased ventilation