Camaco-Amvian’s Distinctive Global Presence

Camaco-Amvian’s footprint reaches across six countries with eight factories and four sales and engineering offices to include 2,000 employees and a global floor space of 1.1 million square feet. Facilities are strategically located near customers’ final assembly facilities to ensure timely distribution and successful operations.

Global production capabilities, leadership talent and a wide range of product and service resources allow for complete vertical integration. The company’s proven track record of completion from concept to product launch validates the commitment to provide customers a one-stop-shop opportunity.

North America

Camaco-Amvian Farmington Hills
Farmington Hills, Michigan USA (Global Technical Center/Headquarters)

Camaco Lorain
Lorain, Ohio USA (Seat Systems)

Camaco Columbus
Columbus, Nebraska USA (Seat Systems)

Camaco Freight Services
Columbus, Nebraska USA (Freight & Logistics)

Lorain County Automotive Systems
Lorain, Ohio USA (Head Restraints)

Amvian de Mexico – Ramos, Mexico
Starting operations January 2016

Amvian de Mexico – San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Starting operations January 2017

South America

Amvian Ind. Com. Pecas Automotivas Ltda.
Atibaia, Brazil (Seat Systems)

Amvian do Brazil Automotive Ltda.
Gravatai, Brazil (Seat Systems)


Amvian Automotive (Poland) Sp. z o.o.
Grojec, Poland (Seat Systems)

Amvian Automotive (Germany) GmbH
Geiselhoring, Germany (Seat Systems)

Amvian Germany
Ingolstadt, Germany (Sales & Engineering)


Amvian Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd.
Vadodora, India (Seat Systems/Interior Components)